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Nsane loss of innocents pg 20 by NickSane0145
Nsane loss of innocents pg 20
and on page 20 im done and outta here.
thank you for those who read the story 
little bit of trivia, i was gonna cut myself and use my blood for when nick his jarhead in the head--keep it authentic ya know?~
but i said it aloud and my parents said no
    so there ya go the dark psyche kid walking away from the burning farm like a badass and leaving his half dead enemy to burn alive and let his screams fill the air~
(and my parents say there is something wrong with me~ haha whatever~)
    having realized the only girl he ever loved wanted only to sell him as a sex slave, his family except his brother massacred by the hive. and finally having killed every single kid who pulled the strings
needless to say he's a little fucked up in the head now. 
     but forget that, so is the kids who helped him. their like the kids from the movie "scream" now -- we killed these kids now we gotta keep it a summer secret~
lets see if we can recall
-his ex...he choked to death so he felt her last breath as she fell lifeless onto the bathroom floor
-foxy had poisoned the football player with a special herb from breaking bad by sprinkling it into his drink
bibi was executed by being shot in the knees then through her head...and offsceen they shoved her into her trunk and pushed her car off a cliff
- footballs brother, was killed and tortured by nicks nerd crew and the police were called to help distract them from nick killing jarhead by burning him alive in his own drug farm.
    i think that set the tracks for the reasons our OC's might be a little...N.SANE!
im thinking of an epilogue but i dunno it seems pretty cool to end it on this note~
remember kids the safest place to hide in a city full of crooks?...IN-SANITY!
-- Ramon Luis Lopez
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the new host by NickSane0145
the new host
hello everyone my name is....*smiles* Ramon....
im so glad to be talking to all of you, it feels good to walk again. to talk, again
eheheh...last time i was out everyone was laughing~ him of course...
ah the smell of misery. the stench of failure~ its delicious
lets face it yeah? we all have things we wish we could forget...and when we do...our brain says nope! 
and makes you facepalm, makes your face cringe, or makes u close your eyes and could i have been so stupid?
things you wish you could get over but they always sting in your heart, as if you were moving a knife still in its wound~
my life was full of those~
the times my ex cheated on me, the times ive had to sing in front of the class and was laughed at~ when i broke my leg and no one cared~ 
heh or that time i asked out a taken girl~ on valentines front of her boyfriend~ oh the scorn~ the beating...heh oh the time i went to a dance and i saw my date with another guy~
and before you go awwww poor baby think about wouldn't have taken pity on me then. you would just looked said that sucked and moved on with your day. my life isnt an anime, the boy never get the girl
im not sugoy or kawaii i was the weird kid everyone avoided because they didn't want the blame in case i shot up the school~ hell they brought numerous psychiatrists and counselors to judge mom yelling at them was the only thing that kept me outta the funny farm.
heh its funny when people say "dont mess with me im crazy"
well guess what mother fucker...i really am crazy...
and its funny to see girls drool over people like L from death note...when really they would completely avoid him irl
    and i can say all this because the internet will look, then walk away, its like im talking to no one~ an empty stadium. with laughter~
heh i wish i could lie this good~ tis all true love~
love your new host~
anger.~<3 xoxo
welcome to pirate cove by NickSane0145
welcome to pirate cove
foxy is a monster. not a hot guy.
please understand that. 
anthromorphism is one thing but when it comes to horror games...
monsters are meant to be monsters. killers...evil...physical manifestations of what is wrong in the world or your mind...
their not your personal crush. because foxy would rip your face off and freddy n friends would stuff you in a suit that would make your eyes pop out of your head...
pyramid head would skin you if not impale you on his sword
safe head bashes your head in. 
and slenderman....okay never mind slenderman hes become a mainstream fangirl piece of ass since oh 12
five nights at freddys yall.
it was suppose to be the bite of 87 but i got lazy so its you....foxy broke your door and is eating you...the tablet got cut off from the pic. 
if i had better means of art i would try to make it so the tablets warm glow on your lifeless body was all you could see.
welp goodnight every body
i just worked a 7 1/2 hour shift and im goin to bed.
     so fuck you~
unchained by NickSane0145
when that false smile fails to hide what you feel underneath 
a monster of your own creation. a physical manifestation appears. whether it be sadness pain
or anger...and even self pain cannot subdue the beast. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
i am what you should be afraid of in the night, if you think im there...i am. my name is nick sane, and killing is my hobby...what? it helps me relax...and if there is one thing i like...its screamers :iconprussiaplz: so please, when you see me and im the last thing you do one will hear you
  • Listening to: roll bounce
  • Reading: my own comic
  • Watching: my phone to see if it rings
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: hearts
  • Drinking: pepsi

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